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Bonded and Dip Brazed Assemblies

TAM manufactures both bonded and dip brazed assemblies from precision sheet metal machined components to customer specs and drawings. Airflow cooling assemblies, mechanical assemblies, and chassis assemblies can be built in all size ranges. A combination of highly skilled personnel and the modern automated assembly equipment enables us to maintain quality consistently throughout the production run, regardless of the size of part.

Any higher level of electromechanical assembly work, including cable/harness assembly, backplane assembly, or complete box build can be handled by several of our partnering electromechanical companies.

Mechanical Test and Equipment Fixtures

We manufacture a wide range of fixtures and frames that are critical for aircraft applications. Some typical products include assembly fixtures, welding fixtures, clamping fixtures, measurement or inspection fixtures, electrical test fixtures, and gages. In-house tooling, certified MIG & TIG welding, and fabrication capabilities allow us to fabricate fixtures cost-effectively. In the past, we have built critical engine stands, assembly stands, and equipment fixtures for Lockheed Martin. Precision engineered to exact customer drawings, our fixtures are completely tested for durability prior to delivery.

From aluminum to stainless steel, we can build fixtures from any type of material. We employ NADCAP-certified spot welding ...

NADCAP Certified Chemical Conversion Plating

Our NADCAP-certified chemical conversion plating offers excellent corrosion protection on chassis components, equipment fixtures, and frames. Performed in our large chemical conversion tanks, our plating services are ideal for aluminum chassis parts. Our plating department has a complete etching and chemical line, which is certified to MIL-C-5541 Class A & C standards. Parts with dimensions up to 6' x 4' x 3' can be plated by us.

We use spraying, dipping, or roll coating methods to apply chemical conversion coatings. Apart from corrosion protection, our Class A coatings also improve paint adhesion, hydration resistance, and adhesive bonding in components. Scrapes or bare spots produced through fabrication are completely covered ...

NADCAP Certified Welding and Spot Welding

We offer NADCAP certified welding of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel components in compliance with AWS D17-1 standards. Our spot welding techniques are AMS-W-6858 class B certified. Primarily used in producing large weldments and mechanical assemblies, our welding services also include resistance soldering, brazing, and silver soldering. We have a dedicated spot welding department with an inventory of 30 KVA to 150 KVA press-type spot welders.

Our 150 KVA Taylor Winfield spot welders are used to weld aluminum materials with thicknesses ranging from 0.032” thru 0.125”. We MIG-weld card guide assemblies, chassis, RFI assemblies, and several other products. Heat sinks, heat exchangers, bezels, and machined castings are welded ...

Precision Machined Fabrication for the Aerospace Industry

We mill a variety of components and enclosures of electronic or machine chassis for the aerospace industry. We have the capability to form parts up to 14' and mill any complex detail to precision. Most of the tooling required to prototype or produce parts is built in-house to ensure longer part life. Value-added finishing services such as plating, powder coating, and anodizing are also offered.

Our specialty lies in 3 and 4-axis CNC milling of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Multiple vertical machining centers and power fed mills assist us in handling any prototype or low to high volume production run. Our Kitamura VMCs with 30-position tool changer options perform simultaneous, multiple milling operations at speeds of up ...

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication for Aerospace and Medical Industries

High precision sheet metal fabrication of parts ranging in all sizes is our specialty. From stamped electronic chassis components for the aircraft industry to autoclave/sterilization cases for the orthopedic industry, a wide variety of parts are fabricated in house by our team of skilled mechanics. We have a 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility with dedicated shearing, press forming, and metal conditioning departments to provide complete solutions.

A wide range of custom stampings, harness components, and large enclosures can be fabricated. Our 25 – 137 ton press brakes are fully equipped with automatic, CNC back gauges, including a three-axis gauge. In addition, our assembly department has automatically fed hardware ...

Reverse Engineering, Methods Engineering and Prototyping

Prototyping and reverse engineering of stamped, machined, or fabricated parts are some value-added services we offer. We analyze material characteristics, surface roughness, original plating/finishing, and several other parameters prior to reverse engineering. Our test facility has Browne & Sharp CMMs to conduct detailed dimensional analysis and digitize part information. An extensive range of CNC machining centers, presses, and assembly equipment helps us to develop low cost rough prototypes or finished prototypes.

Our layout/engineering department uses Pro Engineer Solid Model, Metalsoft, DNC Hookup, and "E" sized plotter. We analyze customer drawings and check blueprint dimensions before releasing them to our punching or ...

Short and Long Run Stampings

Using CNC turret presses, Amada press brakes, and hydraulic power presses, our production runs range from 10 to 10,000 parts. The variety and capacity of our presses, coupled with specialized tooling capabilities, help us in stamping parts of different sizes as well as shapes. We produce hard tooling for large pierce & blanking dies, stampings, and forming dies in-house.

Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, and several other exotic materials with thickness up to 10 gages can be precision stamped by us. We can cold form parts up to 4" deep too. With 15 to 400 ton presses, we produce any simple or complicated profile within short turnarounds. Precision stampings can be heat-treated to increase material strength, ...
Beryllium and AlBeMet Products

Beryllium and AlBeMet Products

The superb qualities of beryllium are well known. Its lightweight, strength and superior thermal performance make this material a solution for many engineering challenges. TAM offers its customers a dedicated, fully operational beryllium machining facility which combines state of the art equipment and skilled technicians with one of the most comprehensive safety programs in the world.

Precision Weldment and Enclosures

TAM Metal Products has manufactured precision weldments as well as enclosures from aluminum, stainless steel, and cold rolled steel with thicknesses ranging from 0.020” to 0.190”. These enclosures were fabricated using in-house punching, forming, drilling, and welding operations. The tooling required for fabrication was also made in-house.

The weldments and enclosures measured up to 96” in length, 48” in width, and 96” in height and fabricated to tight tolerances of +/- 0.005”. In addition, we provided enclosures with a surface roughness up to of 32 Ra and material finishes to exact client specifications. Weldments and enclosures with multiple cavities were packaged using ESD packaging and ...
Bonded Dip Brazed Assemblies

Bonded / Dip Brazed Assemblies

This image specifically, dip brazing, adhesive bonding, mechanical assembly, or a combination of these methods, are utilized. Dip brazed coldwalls can be integrated into a dip brazed chassis or an integrated part of a bonded or mechanically assembled unit.

State of the Art Laser Cutting Technology


Orthopedic “Storage & Sterilization Systems”


Complex Assembly

Beryllium and AlBemet Products

Beryllium and AlBemet Products

Bonded  Dip Brazed Heat Exchangers

Bonded / Dip Brazed Heat Exchangers

Card Guide Chassis

Card Guide Chassis

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